"Connecting People, Connecting Ecosystems"

At ECO-resolutions, we envision a society that values healthy ecosystems as an integral component of thriving communities and economies. We believe that creative discourse on a foundation of scientific knowledge is the pathway to innovative problem solving on emerging issues. Our extensive background in conservation science combined with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs allows us to craft strategies for achieving that vision.

Wildlife Crossings

ECO-resolutions LLC is uniquely qualified to assess habitat fragmentation impacts and design wildlife crossings, including bridges, culverts and overpasses, to provide safe passages for wildlife.

Collaborative Conservation

We believe that in collaboration lies opportunity. We work with you to develop a custom collaboration framework for bringing key parties together to strategically analyze options and manage interests concerning natural resource and environmental challenges

Conservation Planning

We bring expertise to assessing the impacts of human activities on wildlife, terrestrial habitats, and watersheds, including how these systems may be affected by changing climate conditions.